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Studying at school and college is quite challenging. There are so many assignments, and the requirements for them are only increasing. Of course, such high demands are related to the increasing demand and expectations from employees in the job market. However, let’s be honest: not all disciplines are equally important. More so, quite often, soft skills are way more appreciated.

And it is the situation in which the majority of contemporary students are. How to cope with the pile of tasks and essays that need to be submitted within a few weeks? How to get high grades so as not to disappoint teachers and parents? It is when writing-help.com comes to your rescue. This service has already assisted thousands of students in more than 70 disciplines. There is no need to suffer too much if a specific subject is not primary for you, or there is no free time to devote to another course paper you have to submit. This Writing Help review will guide you through the process of cooperation with this service and provide you with the main pros and possible cons of using it. Keep reading to understand if this website might be helpful in your particular case.

Website Overview

writing help

We have decided to start this Writing Help review with an overview of the service website since it is the first impression you are going to have about this service. If you have never used similar services, let us tell you in brief what a website providing writing assistance should look like:

  • Clear and concise information on the scope of services: There are samples provided on the site, a list of the most popular services, and a FAQ section so that potential clients can get to know all the info they are interested in.
  • The quality of the work done: Opening the homepage of the service, you will be able to find out the essential information about the service, in particular: the rate of clients’ satisfaction, the percentage of papers delivered on time, the number of writers actively working on papers and assignments.
  • If you have not read any Writing-Help review, it is also possible getting to know the main advantages of cooperation with this service from its homepage. We will also dwell on them in more detail further in this review.

One more useful feature on the website is the calculator that every potential user might use to estimate the approximate cost of a paper for which the assistance of the service is required. Just choose the suitable options in drop-down menus and wait for the result. For a precise calculation, it is necessary to press the Get Writing Help button.

Is Writing Help Legit?

It is one of the crucial questions the response to which is searched for in every Writing Help review. In the first place, every client should keep in mind that our service offers papers and works that can be legally used if you manage to reference their use properly. Here are the possible ways:

  • Using our services as a source of inspiration, ideas, and arguments for the research you are conducting;
  • The information used with the purpose of additional comprehension of the subject;
  • For citing the sources directly.

Of course, every client should remember that every educational institution might have its own rules and regulations concerning the assistance that students might use. And a decision to use the assistance of third-party services or not should be consciously made by every student by weighing all the pros and cons.

We also think that it is essential to mention in this Writing Help review that the service understands its social responsibility. The Writing Help service has determined the subjects and fields in which the misuse or inappropriate utilization of information and materials by clients could have direct implications. And the service has decided to decline orders in these disciplines. We will provide you with a list of these areas when we mention the types of papers this service can assist with.

How to Make an Order?

At the beginning of this Writing Help review, we have mentioned that the homepage of the service contains all the essential information about using these services. There are several possible ways to place an order on a paper, research, or another assignment you have got:

  • Call by phone. Keep in mind the working hours that are Monday 00:00 AM – Saturday 08:00 PM (UTC). For the US, Canada, and the UK, there are toll-free numbers, so select the right one to make sure there are no fees for a call you can make. It is the fastest way to get assistance from the representative of the Writing Help service. If you have an urgent assignment, it is better to call.
  • Use chat. The working hours of the company employees who reply in chats are the same. If you are not the kind of person who likes calling, then this is a good option for you.
  • Email. info@writing-help.com is the address to which you can send all of your questions if a Writing Help review has not provided you with them, as well as the specifics of the task. The response will be sent promptly, just take into account the working hours.
  • Website. On the homepage, some buttons will direct you to the form that you will have to fill in to place an order.

In general, it is worth mentioning that the steps that clients need to take are logical and understandable. Even those who use the Writing Help service for the first time have no difficulties with placing an order and understanding the whole process. A friendly support team available by the above-mentioned channels will definitely assist if anything is unclear.


writing help prices

If you are interested in a precise price, we recommend not to refer to the info on the site or Writing Help reviews. It is best of all, to send all the details of your order to the representatives of the support team. And you will get a quote with the cost and deadline confirmation. But for an estimated cost, to get an idea of the price range, first of all, it is essential to pay attention to the following factors that affect the cost:

  • The discipline for which you need assistance;
  • The deadline: the faster you need a paper — the higher the rate will be. Therefore, do not wait for the last moment to place an order;
  • The year in which you study — a high-school paper and a Ph.D. will definitely be estimated differently;
  • The level of difficulty — the higher it is, the more it will cost, which is logical;
  • The volume of a paper.

The range of prices starts from $10 for a page and can reach $70 for the most complicated, urgent tasks. More so, to correctly evaluate the cost, the provision of sources from the teacher, your explanations, and other useful information will come in handy. In the first place, an author will have to spend less time on the research. And you are going to receive the result you need.

Types of Papers

In continuation of this Writing Help review, we would like to tell you in more detail about the types of papers and disciplines the service will help with. It is worth mentioning that Writing Help can help clients with the major number of assignments they might get in high schools and colleges. They include:

  • Course papers,
  • Research,
  • Dissertations,
  • Speeches preparation,
  • Various assignments,
  • Essays,
  • Term papers,
  • Thesis, etc.

Usually, it is not a type of task that might influence our ability to work on it. As we have already mentioned in this Writing Help review, the service understands its responsibility towards society, and there are some areas for which orders are not accepted. They include:

  • Engineering & civil engineering;
  • Architecture, building, and planning;
  • Criminology and criminal law and justice;
  • Medicine;
  • Such medical sciences as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, etc.;
  • Nursing;
  • Aviation;
  • Health care;
  • Nutrition/dietary.

This list might be complemented if the Writing Help services deem any other area or topic controversial. If you are studying one of the above disciplines, you do understand how responsible it is to work in these areas. And of course, the necessity to obtain knowledge and do all the assignments on one’s own is crucial for the process of becoming a professional in the field. So, the service remembers its responsibility, so should you.

Writing Help Guarantees

Every client of a writing service understands how essential it is to find a company that will ensure a high level of service. And Writing Help understands that it is not that easy to trust a Writing Help review found on the Internet, as well as the information on the service official site. How can the service guarantee its clients that they will be satisfied with the quality of the work they will do for them?

The Money-Back Guarantee is an effective tool used by reliable services to ensure their clients and provide them with the feeling of security for their money. Compared to other companies in the market, it is crucial to underline that Writing Help enables clients to claim the refund according to its Money-Back Guarantee. If you feel that something goes wrong, regardless of the stage of your order fulfillment, you are entitled to claim the return of the money.

Your request will be processed and reviewed by the representatives of the company. They will get in touch with you to define the reasons why you feel dissatisfied with the level of service. After gathering the whole information, the decision will be made. More information can be obtained from the representatives of the support team.

Besides, the service understands that every situation is different. And every client might have different complaints. Therefore, the service is ready to reply to any questions from clients about the level of the services provided. Regardless of the nature of your question, feel free to get in touch with a company representative to clarify everything that bothers you.

Writing Help Pros

Having read more than half of this Writing Help review, we assume that you have already understood that it is beneficial to cooperate with Writing Help when you need assistance in your studies. Aside from the above-written, there are other perks the clients of Writing Help enjoy. We are going to list them:

  • 24/7 assistance: Not only during working hours can the clients expect assistance from the representatives of the service. There are employees who are available to help their clients regardless of the time. Since the company works internationally, it is essential to ensure that requests and queries from clients outside the USA are processed in due time. In the case of urgent orders, clients are recommended to fill in the order form and pay for it. In this way, an order will be processed asap.
  • Communication with writers: Every user in their profile can use the function of messages exchange with the writer who works on their assignment. There is no need to email the support staff and wait for them to forward it to the writer. Thanks to direct communication with an author, you will surely receive the work that you need and expect.
  • Only original papers: First of all, it is crucial to mention that the service has no database of ready papers that are sold many times. Besides, there are no templates used by authors. Based on this Writing Help review, as well as feedback from clients on the Internet, you can be sure that every paper is written from scratch based on the requirements provided by clients. All the additional requests are also taken into consideration. Therefore, every paper is customized. And every assignment and paper is checked with professional plag detectors. The clients of Writing Help can be sure that there will be no problems with the uniqueness of papers they receive from this service.
  • Highly skilled writers: The company does not accept every applicant who wants to work. Every potential writer needs to complete many tests. And only upon the successful completion of all the tasks will an applicant be accepted for a probation period as a writer. Besides, the clients can not only provide their Writing Help review and evaluation but also rate writers who have worked on their assignments.

Any Cons?

In this Writing Help review, we would like to be as objective and unbiased as possible. Let us be really honest: if you are ordering writing services, it is crucial to remember that when somebody else does research instead of you, you are missing the possibility to learn the material on your own. And when you need to discuss a paper with a teacher, you might not show the level of knowledge expected from you based on the level of the paper you have submitted.

Therefore, based on the name of the service, it is recommended to resort to these services with a full understanding of your own responsibilities. Use services like this as assistance for your studies rather than a substitute for obtaining your own knowledge and education.

Why Choose Writing Help?

Why Choose Writing Help

In the market for writing assignments and papers, there are plenty of companies offering such services. However, from this Writing Help review, you have already understood how advantageous it is to choose this company over others in the niche.

The quality of writing services provided by the company is ensured by the Money-Back program, according to which every client can claim a refund. And the number of these requests is really low since all the writers understand their responsibility towards their clients.

Another essential benefit is the fact that clients’ data are completely confidential. There is no need to worry about the fact that someone will discover that you have used third-party writing services. Besides, the company works with only reliable payment systems. Therefore, all the banking details of clients are protected.

Reasonable prices should be also mentioned among the reasons why thousands of clients have chosen the Writing Help service. The rate offered for a page is based on the calculation process that takes into account a lot of factors. So, the service does not apply the same price policy to a complicated Ph.D. paper and an assignment for a high-schooler.

Our Verdict

Being a student is really challenging nowadays, especially taking into account that it is often necessary for young people to work to cover their own expenses and cope with numerous obstacles that appear on the way to obtaining an education. We hope that this Writing Help review has helped you understand that you are not alone, and some companies might come to the rescue when you are desperate.

By choosing professional services from Writing Help, you do not risk anything. Your confidentiality is reliably protected, while the quality of the paper will be immaculate, which is confirmed by testimonials from clients who have already used this service.

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