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An academic essay is no easy format to master, especially for those only embarking on their college journey. It takes time to develop one’s own writing style and adapt to all the rigorous structure restrictions. Serious writing requires in-depth research and countless hours spent in libraries.

There are many factors defining the grade, and hardly anyone can cope without guidance. Sometimes, you need a few exemplary works to follow. This is when sites like can be a true lifesaver.

What Is Study Moose?

Here are studymoose we are committed to providing professional educational assistance and have been doing it for 13 years. By now, we have accumulated a vast database of excellent essays available free of charge. Browse through our enormous collection or search for the exact topic you need.

There are works for any field of study, from Art to Maths, from Public Speaking to Renewable Energy, and professionally written essays are added every day. Here are some of the most popular essay types we handle (check our Topic section for full list):

– Argumentative essay;
– Cause and Effect essay;
– Compare and Contrast essay;
– Descriptive Essay;
– Evaluation Essay;
– Informative Essay;
– Narrative Essay;
– Personal Essay;
– Persuasive Essay;
– Proposal Essay;
– Reflective Essay;
– Satire Essay.

If your topic is overly specific, we can write a custom sample essay tailored to your unique instructions. Are you running out of time or do not know how to tackle your new assignment? There is a host of possible motivations, and we understand it.

Studying may get challenging at times, but we are here to help you cope with any writing challenge! Getting more assignments than you can physically complete is a common occurrence!
We will collect all the necessary information to help you hand in a first-class work of your own. Written by a qualified and experienced writer, our custom essay will serve as a perfect example to help you structure your own thoughts and fulfill all the requirements of good academic English.

Our staff has the expertise you need, as we hire professionals from many realms of scholarly knowledge. With, essay writing assignments will not be daunting anymore!

Is StudyMoose Safe?

Is study moose legit, you may ask. Our company is officially registered in the U.S. and we have been conducting legal business for over a decade. This fact confirms that our operations are lawful and the services are rendered in accordance with US legislation.
On-time delivery of high-quality essays is guaranteed! Whether it’s free or custom essay, you can be sure it will pass any anti-plagiarism check. We provide professionally written essays tailored to your specific requirements.

Our works may be used as useful samples to help you improve your own writing skills. Thus, there is little difference from the sample essays you get from your college or university, and our writers will deal with any subject you need.

Our quality control team monitors the writing, checks its originality using the latest tools, and produces a downloadable quality report once the paper is submitted. Writers of create original texts, so feel free to use them in your academic work! We offer additional options and benefits, including:

– Prompt response to any queries and requests;
– 24/7 customer support;
– Possibility of revisions and amendments;
– Confidential service and full protection of personal data;
– Secure payment process;
– Refund policy.

How Does StudyMoose Work?

We have an impressive collection of ready-made essays you can sift through using our search engine. If you fail to find the exact topic of your assignment, feel free to place an order for a custom essay. Include all the instructions received from your educational institution as accurately as possible.

Once an appropriate writer is found, you will be asked for a 50% advance payment, so they can start working on your task. If your field of study is highly specialist, it is best to discuss your order over the phone to ensure our custom essay meets all the criteria. Our customer service may be reached around the clock, so do not hesitate to contact our help center specialists.

It is essential to avoid any misunderstandings and provide the writer with clear instructions, so there is no need for revisions caused by additional requirements. We guarantee delivery of a professionally written essay on time. In short, the sequence of steps looks like this:

1. Open our site.
2. Choose the type of essay you need.
3. Place an order, specifying all the requirements for the work.
4. Make an advance payment.
5. Receive a well-written essay on time.

Who Uses StudyMoose?

Students in need of top-notch paper samples on different topics love studymoose. It provides professional assistance to people experiencing any kinds of problems with essay writing. These may include:

tight deadlines
As a student, you may be pushed for time, especially if you are working part-time to earn a living and pay off your debts. On the other hand, the sheer number of assignments received may be overwhelming. In situations like these, you need guidance and help from professionals.

lack of skills
Academic writing requires practice, and newbies may find the format challenging. Not only should your grammar and vocabulary be flawless, but you also have to find meaningful topics and conduct your own research. For students, in their freshmen year especially, the tasks may seem daunting. Our writers are there to demonstrate what level of knowledge and language skills will hit the mark.

force majeure
Unforeseeable circumstances may prevent you from completing your assignment on time. Whether it’s family issues or anything else, our custom essays allow students to meet their teachers’ requirements despite unexpected adverse situations.

Pros and Cons

The company offers multiple benefits to its customers.
an impressive collection of ready-made sample essay in an extensive range of subjects;

– timely completion of orders;
– highly qualified and experienced essay writers;
– careful adherence to all the instructions provided by the client;
– effective 24/7 support service;
– possibility of revisions with clear deadlines set;
– fair refund policy.

Feel free to check study moose reviews online for genuine customer feedback. Our services are popular for good reasons. However, there are a few caveats. Be sure to follow these rules to avoid any misunderstandings:

– Be careful with the deadline you set. Make sure it is accurate, and it allows sufficient time for you to produce your own essay based on our professionally written sample.

– Be careful with instructions. Even though it is possible to add or change requirements while the essay is still being written, we strongly recommend you include all the necessary information initially upon placing the order. Any further changes will cause the writer to modify their work, which may consume extra time.

– Use our essays as samples only. Custom writing produced by study moose is intended for educational advice and guidance. We create essays to help you improve your own skills and grasp the intricacies of the academic essay, whatever the type. These are not ready-made assignments you submit to your teachers under your own name. This is regarded as cheating.

Why Choose StudyMoose?

Study moose offers multiple benefits to its users. Here are the main competitive advantages:

– We have over 100,000 sample essays in our free collection to help you find a suitable topic and structure thoughts according to academic requirements. This will help you create an impressive essay deserving of the highest grade.
– We guarantee top-notch quality. Our quality control team checks every essay before it is delivered to the customer. This ensures the sample work meets all the requirements and is sufficient for the desired grade.
– If any amendments or additions are needed, these are provided on time. What if your teacher adds new requirements, or you need to correct the instructions? Although such situations are best avoided, they may happen, and we are ready to handle them effectively.
– Our writers are experienced in the field of essay composition and have proven expertise in many subjects. We choose our contributors carefully, so all candidates go through thorough multistage testing before being given any actual orders.

Summary/ Verdict

So, what is the takeaway? By now, the advantages should be clear. Our website provides professional essay-writing guidance that students so often seek! Whether pushed for time or not knowing where to start, you will benefit from using our services. We will do all the necessary in-depth research and analysis.

Our collection of sample essays is seemingly infinite, and our writers are ready to tackle any essay topic conceivable. Whether it is an argumentative, descriptive, or reflective essay, we provide countless samples and professional custom writing services. All works are delivered on time, and the highest quality and accuracy are guaranteed!

We care about our customers, and our help center may be reached at any time of day or night. We appreciate customer feedback and work tirelessly to improve our services. Place an order, receive your first-class essay, and share your impressions! Feel free to leave your own study moose review.

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