Chemistry Essay Writing and All You Need to Know About It

There is no doubt that writing a good essay can be quite a challenge. Especially, when the subject is science. For example, it can be tricky while choosing an essay topic, following the structure or even finding respectable sources. That is why we created this article. It will give you all the information you need to make your chemistry essay logical, cohesive, and well-written.

Determine the Essay Type

The first step of successful writing is to determine the type of research. There are two main ones when it comes to chemistry: standard and extended. The former usually concerns with the general topics for writing and structure. The latter, on the other hand, gives the room for personalization. For example, students investigate a certain material, conduct experiments. Moreover, the topics and research questions for chemistry extended essay are usually critical and specific. That is why to move on with the process, it is essential to determine the essay type.

Choose a Chemistry Essay Topics

The next step is quite obvious: a student needs to decide what topic he or she will be working on. Sometimes they can be predetermined by the professor, but in all the other cases it is the responsibility of the student. First of all, there are a few tips that will help you find a perfect chemistry essay topic:

1.Choose something you are passionate about.
It is very important to go for a topic that interests you. The research can be a challenge and it is crucial to stick with it and finish it. Without passion, it will be very difficult.
2.Make sure there are respectable sources you can use for your project.
This tip is essential and should be followed always. Unless you are conducting your empirical research, finding scholarly sources that will back the information in your writing is an absolute must. Sometimes the topic can be interesting to you, but there are not many good sources. It will complicate the process of writing an essay on chemistry significantly.

As for the topic ideas, there are several options to choose from. For standard research, you can go for writing about environmental issues and pollution from the chemistry point of view. One can always connect the research with food industry: for example, investigate food dyes or taste enhancers. It is always a good idea to focus on medications research and review the ingredients in them. You can always find good chemistry essay ideas online and choose something suitable for you.

We have already mentioned, that chemistry extended essay topics should be very specific and relate to only one subject. So, the best way to do this would be to choose one narrow research question and answer it fully in your writing. It means that you can choose any topic and analyze it from chemist’s perspective. As long as it is specific and narrow, you are good to go.

Determine Your Chemistry Essay Question

The next important step in the writing process would be to formulate the research question. It may seem that it is the same as research topic but it is a common myth. Essay question allows you to precisely know what to focus on in your writing. For instance, let’s imagine that the topic is food dyes. It is general, while the essay question should deal with one problem. For example, ‘what is the impact of food dyes on human’s body’ would be a good chemistry essay question. This step will help to navigate you throughout the writing process and avoid giving unnecessary information in the research.

In addition to this, the formulation of the question is crucial for extended essays. As we have already determined, it is very important to make your extended research specific and narrow. This allows to thoroughly investigate one single topic. That is why formulating the chemistry essay question is a necessary step. It will allow you to always stay focused and on the chosen course.

Chemistry Essay Structure and Format

Considering the fact that we have already discussed the content on your chemistry essay, it is time to move on to the structure and format that are vital for good research. A well-structured essay helps the reader to receive information in a logical order and get a full understanding of the topic. We always recommend starting with an introductory paragraph where you state the essay question and the main findings of your research. You can also give some background additional information about your chosen topic to make it more interesting for the reader. The introduction is crucial as it represents our whole work. Make sure that is thought-through and well-written.

The next are body paragraphs where you put all of the information. It should be made in logical paragraphs with headings and subheadings. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence and preferably finish with a short conclusion. It is a good idea to focus on one single question in one paragraph to avoid messiness. Moreover, the information presented in the body should be always supported by the respectable scholar peer-reviewed sources. Without them, your essay will lack credibility. Unless it is personal chemistry research, avoid giving your own opinion and stay objective.

The last part would be a conclusion that restates the introduction and summarizes the essay. That structure is standard and always works. If you had a certain hypothesis that you tested, the conclusion should state the results of your work. As for the chemistry extended essay format, it can vary from the general one. Body paragraphs structure can be personalized according to the chosen topic.

To sum everything up, writing a perfect chemistry essay can be a challenge as it requires staying focused, scientific, and objective. There are certain requirements that need to be met such as choosing a good topic, the formulation of the research question, as well as making the writing logical and well-structured. Nevertheless, with the tips that we provided in the article, this task will become much easier. Use our tips and your writing process will not become a burden.

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